Make sense of technology

Who I am

Roy Bazeley.

You're a fab teacher & technician and have the rare ability to make the incomprehensible seem possible. Thank you in awe.

Credibility, experience

Roy Bazeley - a designer and developer, self-employed in IT since 1999.

I'm an educator with classroom, management and CPD experience 1981 - 2007, providing schools with services and support since 1999.

Passionate, prudent and principled - with breadth and depth of skills and experience. Clients appreciate my ability to deliver or manage delivery of entire projects from concept to completion, with continuing support.

As a teacher, I spent 18 years helping people to achieve their potential and developing systems to support that. Today, working with different tools in a different context, my aims are the same - technology with the human touch.

Thank you for the fabulous training - it was definitely well received!!