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Privacy Policy


In a Nutshell

All my work comes from personal recommendation. I don't enjoy receiving spam email or unsolicited sales calls so I don't inflict them on other people.

You can browse my website without revealing any personally-identifiable information. You can choose to share such information via the enquiry form or email links. If you do, your information will be used only for the purposes stated below.

If you engage my services it may be necessary to pass your details to a third party to fulfill some of those services (domain registration and hosting for example). I'll seek your consent first and make sure they take at least as much care with your data as I do.

I take really good care of any information you share with me. I've got robust systems and processes in place to achieve this.

I'll be responsible and timely in responding to any enquiries or concerns you may have about your personal information which I hold or process. You have clear rights in this regard. Please see below.

Data controller

Roy Bazeley trading as Express Solutions

Where I collect personal information from

  • Information you give me when you enquire about my services
  • Information you give me when you engage my services
  • When you speak to me on the telephone
  • When you use my website
  • In e-mails letters and other documents
  • If you provide customer feedback
  • If you report a problem using my website
  • When I provide services in association with a business partner and your personal information is collected by them, with your consent, and you have consented to be contacted by me.

Purposes and lawful bases for processing personal information


I hold only personally identifiable information necessary to enable me to fulfil my contract with you or any enquiries prior to contract. If you would like to know more detail about the information I hold and process, please contact me.

I use the information you provide me in order to fulfil a contract between us. I only retain your information as long as is necessary. After this it is destroyed according to a regular process.

I may occasionally need to pass-on personal information to a third party in order to arrange certain services on your behalf, such as web-hosting for example. In this case:

  • I only pass-on the minimum information required
  • I take care to establish that the third party will take due care with the data including it's destruction once no-longer required.
  • Transparency:- I communicate this process via my Privacy Statement and in individual emails to customers where this applies

Legitimate interests

Technology and security evolve over time. If I've done work for you previously, my policy is to contact you if I become aware of any relevant security or technical issues.

Legal requirement

Some information is retained to fulfil legal requirements, for example by HMRC for financial administration purposes.


I may occasionally seek your explicit consent, in writing, for the following:

Customer comments:

Customers often make favourable comments about my work and I like to share these on my website. I will only do so with your explicit consent, in writing,


I will seek your explicit consent, in writing, before publishing any photos of you, your staff or your premises.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Please contact me.

Your rights

The right to be informed

This privacy statement aims to provide you with clear and concise information about what I do with your personal data.

The right of access

You have the right to access any personal information I hold about you.

Please contact me in writing.

I will ask for information to prove your identity before any personal information is released to you.

I don't charge a fee for providing you with information I hold about you.

I'm required to provide you with the information within one month from the date of receipt of your request.

The right to rectification

You have the right to request that I rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal information which I hold. Please contact me. I am required to rectify the information within one month.

The right to erasure (to be forgotten)

I have rigorous arrangements for retention and destruction of information in place. You also have the right to request deletion of personal information

Please contact me in writing

I may be required to retain some information to comply with a legal obligation or if the information will be required for the purposes of resolving a complaint.

The right to restrict processing

You have the right to request the restriction or suppression of your personal data. This is not an absolute right and only applies in certain circumstances.

When processing is restricted, I am permitted to store the personal data, but not use it.

You can make a request for restriction in writing.

I have one month to respond to a request.

The right to object

You have the right to object to my processing of your personal information at any time.

If you object I will stop processing your personal information as soon as I receive your written objection.

The right to complain to the data protection regulator

I'd like the chance to resolve any complaints you have, however you also have the right to complain to the UK data protection regulator (the "ICO") about how I've used your personal data.

The ICO website also contains useful information about your privacy rights.


I have comprehensive, multi-layered security procedures and processes in-place in order to protect your information during transmission to me via my website and while it is stored on my systems. These include but are not limited to physical security, endpoint-protection and strong encryption.

Retention and destruction of information

I retain your personal information only as long as necessary while I'm providing services to you. I will also retain your personal information to fulfil legal requirements and on the basis of legitimate interest in order to inform you of any technical or security issues which I become aware of relating to work I've completed for you.

I keep your personal information:

  • to respond to enquiries or complaints
  • to show I've treated you fairly
  • to maintain my records
  • where I'm required to under a contract
  • to be able to contact you about technical or security issues arising

Personal information is destroyed securely at the appropriate time, in accordance with my internal information retention and destruction policy.

Measuring website visitors

I've made a deliberate decision not to track visitors to my website

External websites

I may provide links to other websites. The privacy policy of each external website you visit will then apply. Please note that I have no control over the content of external websites.


If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy statement please contact me.